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Would you like to sell your products through well-known drugstores?
Then let’s talk to each other and see if we can support you.

GERMAN MARKETS - marketing & sales agency drugstores

Bring your beauty, cosmetics, health, food and other products to well-known drugstores with GERMAN MARKETS. We accompany you from the acquisition, through negotiations, listing to expansion, thanks to many years of experience in working with drugstores, supermarkets and others. We know exactly what is important in order not only to be listed, but above all to survive in the markets in the long term.

How we work together successfully:ÔÇő


1. Advance test

In the first step we check your products, offers, markets and whether we can support you. If all the requirements are met, we will agree a joint contract with you, including a declaration of confidentiality.

2. Acquisition

Together with you, we optimize your pitch and, if necessary, products or packaging based on our experience. Here it is important to work out the right points, because we only have one chance with the buyer and the pitch has to be right. At the same time, we are looking for direct, personal contact with the right buyer in your desired markets and product category in our network. We then go into direct sales with your presentation, i.e. initial contact, sending of the documents, queries/discussions, etc. until we receive an answer from the purchasing department about your products. In this phase, we, as a sales agency, work exclusively for the selected dealers and on a retainer basis, until a possible cancellation or the first binding order.

3. Getting listed

If the feedback from purchasing is positive, we accompany you to the initial talks, negotiation talks, in communication with trading partners and in the listing process of your company and the products, which can sometimes be a bit more complex.
From the first binding order, we work on a commission basis in order to achieve the best result for everyone involved.

4. Expansion

We know that it is not always easy to be listed in drugstores, food retailers and the like, but we also know from experience that it is even more difficult to survive on the shelves. According to a GfK study from 2018, around 80% of new products disappear from the shelves in the first year.”
Therefore, we help you in this phase to optimize marketing and products and, if necessary, even to expand. On request, we can also support you as an advertising agency with all measures. In addition, as a sales agency, we naturally remain the interface between purchasing and your company and also accompany you to important annual meetings and trade fairs, etc.

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